Keep focus on the good, until the good gets better.


A collaboration between Janji Jiwa and Netflix for Gadis Kretek is not only a collaboration that worth the hype, but it is an actual hard-works from many parties which provide high-quality product and content. It has countless requirements that needs to be taking care of; the photoshoot, amplification video, followed by quality digital-contents. This collaboration is a part of Gadis Kretek’s marketing activation.

As a Creative Director at Janji Jiwa, I have to make sure the quality of our collaboration is always on the highest level, and has been the standard since. Being in the team that work in this project, gave me many important lessons, such as: always have clear objectives, because the clock keeps ticking. Having synergy in each parties will really help us get to the goal faster. Creative integration needed to any problems appeared in order solve everything seamlessly. Always think creatively to have an impactful social media amplification

As the result, Gadis Kretek became a very successful Indonesian series in Netflix with almost 5 weeks in trending section. For Janji Jiwa, we sold almost 65.000 cups in about 2 months. Needless to say, this made it one of our best collaboration with the fantastic number of cups sold. Kudos to everyone who has been amazing in the project, especially the creative team at Jiwa Group.

Back in the days, XL was having big problem in putting themself on the market. They were trapped in between to provide the adult or the youngster. Then they came to us asking for help with their communication. After countless brainstorm and meeting, we agree on something. Something that we thought is the best possible way that can be done by XL at the moment.

We stop talking about the age, and start talking about the stage. The age gap that trapped us before is no longer obstacle because we focus more on the stage of our audience. The stage where audiences are about to improve from 1 point to another point. Then, we start to brand ourself as am ‘enabler’. Where we accompanied audience throughout their journey of enabling themself into something they wanted to be. Because no matter what your age is, your social economic is, people always have goals in their life. Something that they want to achieve. And we simply be there for them. To help them enabling the goals, accompanied them.

The campaign was successfully executed by using passion point as the several main characters on the campaign. These different passion points help the brand to get to the audience easier because it will create some kind of relatable content to them.


The rebranding of Janji Jiwa, would probably be the most challenging project in my career by far. It’s not only the logo, the color, nor the fonts. Yet we rebranding the whole culture in Janji Jiwa. The way we communicate, the way we greet, even the way the outlet looks.

This project took around 6 months in preparation, started from the right reference that represents the new look of our rebranding. Then, we started to craft everything until it’s done. The hardest part is when the guideline is ready and we need to applying those guidelines were another level of diffiulties.

This rebranding project were a big success. We’ve been the subject of discussion in social media for almost a month non-stop. The extreme visual-look changes were really gave us an awareness boost, followers increase and highest engagement rate. We can say that this is campaign is a success amazingly.

Never had I ever imagined that one day I will talk in front of camera and became a content creator. This project really gave me room to be very creative. To be very impromptu and improvise everything. Years of making contents, lead me to the moment where I’m the content itself. Having a little guide from the producers, and the rest was me sharing experiences.

This was a very fun project we had. Would love to create more like it.


This campaign was launched in 2021. This was Lamudi’s first proper campaign where we spent budget on printed media, where it’s usually only on digital. This very first billboard is also gave us a huge impact on awareness, where we put it in 5 spots on the side main road in greater Jakarta (to Tangerang, to Bekasi, to Depok, to Bogor, and central Jakarta).

Unfortunately, we didn’t use any brand awareness measurement to track the campaign, due to the tight timeline. Arguably, this is the campaign that put us on the map after several years being in the industry according to the increasing number of visitor to our website.

The challenge to this campaign is the many objectives that we need to cater in one campaign. The communication has to let people understand that we exist, that we have an app, that we were always the easier way to find audience’s dream home. Although, it’s a pilot project where we should’ve been unique and different. However, the management wanted it to be a mature campaign and be as safe as possible.